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Our Fitness Journey

Our goal is to help you progress quickly and safely, taking into account your abilities offering a personalised programme tailored exclusively to suit your needs. My knowledge, expertise, and competence will allow you to experience tangible results which speak for themselves.

Morgan Melkan personal trainer






training for the Nice-Cannes marathon - 80 people

Bootcamp & Personal Coach

1000 people trained with excellent results

Fitlane Sophia Antipolis 

Rpm, body Pump and Spinning Instructor 

physical preparation of Victor Dubuisson - amateur golf world champion

Morgan Coaching 

Being lucky enough to grow up on the Mediterranean coast I have always had an interest in health and fitness. I spent 5 years studying physio, anatomy, and method of training. 

At University Where I qualified as a certified personal Trainer. Over the past 5 years I have successfully built up Morgancoaching and with over 500 people today training with me, I have formed a winning reputation thanks to the results attained and professionalism provided.

weightloss personal trainer french riviera
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